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 FloatFit is a fun group fitness that takes place on floating exercise mats in the pool, and is suitable for all ages and abilities. Our expert instructors will guide you through FloatFit Balance, a program specifically designed to boost your wellbeing, challenge your balance, and strengthen your core stability. Dive into the water and experience the benefits of FloatFit today!

FloatFit Collage
Acquapole Collage


Acquapole® is a patented aquatic equipment that was designed, patented, and manufactured in Italy in 2010 by Monica Spagnuolo. It consists of a pole and a base and can be used for more than 150 exercises when combined with accessories such as the Boxing Bag, T-trainer, or Elastic accessories. Acquapole® is not exclusively for female users, and it can be transformed into a multifunctional aquatic workstation that provides a super-workout while being fun

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