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Fabric Strap for Silicone Masks

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

We hear you guys on the feedback of the masks' straps, hence sharing our latest product here! As the pandemic rages on, mask wearing will be the new normal for everyone's protection. And we know how important it is for masks wearing to be comfortable on a day to day basis.

We have launched our new fabric mask strap, so here's how u can change your existing strap to this new strap! There are 2 ways to go about fixing the new strap on the mask:

  1. Sew it on

  2. Tie knots at the ends

Both ways works fine, but we prefer option 2 as it is easier to put in and remove if need to. Depending on your needs, sewing may be a good choice if you are looking at something more permanent.

So back to option 2, here's how it looks like after tying the knots:

Fabric Straps with Knots
Fabric Straps with Knots

Below is the step by step guide for overhand knot:

Once knots are done, simply put through the holes at the side of the face mask and the mask is good to go.

Fabric Strap on Silicone Mask
Fabric Strap on Silicone Mask

Simply adjust the stopper on the strap to your preference.

Fabric Strap Stopper
Fabric Strap Stopper

And what's great is, the straps are available in both black and white colours, have fun mixing and matching with the colours of our masks!

Meanwhile, don't forget to stay safe out there!

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